Key meeting of representatives of the insurance market INSURANCE FORUM

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Key meeting of representatives of the insurance market

10th-11th April 2013, Radisson Blu Hotel

Following a number of queries from the insurance industry on how to create a similar project for the sector, which for the banking is the Banking Forum, the Insurance Forum conference is being prepared.

The aim of the event is to create a platform for exchange of views and experiences of key stakeholders on the insurance market, while creating synergies with the banking sector through the integration of the two events and their participants.

Over the technical scope of the conference is watching the Program's Council, which consists of the presidents of the largest Polish insurance companies and major institutions
on the industry, ensuring high professional level of the panel discussions. Elected members of the Program:

  • Andrzej Klesyk, Chairman of the Forum, President of the PZU Board,
  • Aleksandra Widziewicz, Chairman of the Board,Postal Mutual Insurance Company,
  • Rafał Hiszpański, Chairman of the Board, Euler Hermes Services Polska,
  • Bogusław Skuza, Member of the Board, PZU ,
  • Artur Olech, Vice President of Program Insurance Forum, CEO of Generali Group,
  • Ewa Wierzbicka, arbitrator, the Court of Arbitration at the Insurance Ombudsman,
  • Andrzej Jarczyk, UNIQA CEO,
  • Tadeusz Szumlicz, Head of Department of Social Insurance Warsaw School of Economics,
  • Marcin Pawlak, Secretary of the Insurance Forum, Chairman of the Board, ATTIS Holding SA,
  • Frans Fuchs, CEO of VIG Polska, TU and TU Compensa Life,
  • Stanisław Kluza, Chairman of the Financial Supervision Commission 2006-2011,
  • Maciej Szwarc, CEO of AXA Poland,
  • Beata Karwacka, President of the Polish Chamber of Compensation,
  • Ryszard Grzelak, President of Europ Assistance Poland,
  • Dariusz Poniewierka, Chairman of the Board, KUKE
  • Paweł Zylm, BRE Insurance TUiR, BRE Insurance.

The conference participants will discuss the latest and most important legal regulations, analyze technological trends and jointly explore business models that will enable the implementation of the adopted strategy.

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